Procedures For Diagnosis & Evaluation
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Begin a journey to understanding and conquering your pain alongside our Diagnostic & Evaluation Procedures team in Corpus Christi. With diligence and expertise, we navigate the intricacies of diagnosis, leading you toward clarity and relief. Together, let’s embark on a comprehensive examination of your condition, laying the groundwork for customized treatment and enduring comfort.

Our Evaluation Methods

The pain management procedures we specialize in are tailored to alleviate chronic discomfort and enhance your general well-being. Below is a brief outline of the services we offer:


Our experts inject contrast dye into one or more spinal discs to pinpoint the origin of back pain and assist in further treatment options.

Migraine Headaches

We extend our evaluation approach to diagnose the underlying causes of migraine headaches and determine proper treatment strategies.

Pelvic Pain

To uncover the root causes of pelvic pain, we provide diagnostic evaluations and craft customized treatment plans suited to your individual needs.

Ready To Begin?

Your journey towards a more comfortable and pain-free existence starts with us in Corpus Christi. We’re grateful you think of us as your pain management allies, and we’re committed to the idea that a life without discomfort is possible for everyone. Join us today as we strive to make this belief a reality.

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