Diagnostic & Evaluation Services
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Our Diagnostic & Evaluation Procedures team in New Braunfels is your first step towards understanding and overcoming your pain. We delve deep into diagnostic intricacies with precision and skill, carrying out a comprehensive examination of your condition from every angle. This lays the necessary groundwork for customized treatment and long-term relief.

Our Assessment Methods

We specialize in various pain management techniques, each designed to alleviate chronic discomfort and renew your quality of life. Here’s a brief look at the services we offer:


Contrast dye is injected into one or more spinal discs during this procedure, helping to locate the source of back pain and guide further treatment options.

Migraine Headaches

In some cases, migraine headaches may require a diagnostic assessment to determine underlying causes and optimal treatment strategies.

Pelvic Pain

We determine underlying causes for pelvic pain with our diagnostic evaluations and develop individualized treatment plans.

Let’s Find A Solution

Epic Pain Management is fully committed to the idea that a life without pain is possible for everyone. Together, we can make that dream a reality. We’re grateful for your consideration and hope you’ll join us on the path to a comfortable and pain-free existence in New Braunfels.

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