Diagnostics & Evaluations
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Embark on a journey toward understanding and overcoming your pain with our Diagnostic & Evaluation Procedures team. We expertly navigate the intricacies of diagnosis, guiding you toward clarity and relief. Join us as we undertake a comprehensive examination of your condition, paving the path for tailored treatment and enduring comfort in San Antonio.

Our Assessment Procedures

Specializing in a variety of pain management procedures, we aim to alleviate chronic discomfort and enhance your overall well-being. Here’s a brief overview of our services:


This diagnostic procedure entails injecting contrast dye into one or more spinal discs to pinpoint the source of back pain, facilitating further treatment decisions.

Migraine Headaches

Our approach extends to diagnostic assessments designed to reveal underlying causes for migraine headaches and devise appropriate treatment strategies.

Pelvic Pain

Diagnostic evaluations for pelvic pain are offered to uncover root causes and formulate personalized treatment plans to suit your needs.

Ready For Relief?

At Epic Pain Management, we are dedicated to helping everyone achieve a pain-free life. We appreciate you thinking of us as your partners in pain management. Your journey toward a more comfortable and unrestricted existence begins here.

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